Microsoft Training Courses

Training managers, providers and users all agree; training improves the delivery of business goals. Our Microsoft training courses can help you deliver systems faster, more securely and for less cost, maximising user engagement and improving IT system use and implementation.

Having worked with such an extensive range of organisations – from targeted SME’s to FTSE 100 multinationals, across more over 85 countries - our Microsoft training courses are seen as a key part of any training programme. Combine this with our extensive programme management, open source and business skills catalogue with over 350,000 books and ebooks and you can see, whatever your organisations requirements, we have it covered.

The training courses are nothing however without user engagement. We provide you with a unique and personalised training programme will help you successfully integrate training into the day-to-day activities of your business. Your custom-made rollout is fully manageable using our Learning Management System (LMS) and supported by some of the most innovative, and probably the most effective, rollout methods in the industry.

Microsoft Windows Courses Online

We have an extensive and comprehensive range of online Microsoft training courses for every Microsoft product and a wide variety of users. These naturally include courses that cover the workplace favourites such as Microsoft Office and its famous suite content Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. Moreover, what's Microsoft without Windows? We also have a range of Microsoft Windows courses.

It's not just Microsoft…

Do you want to know more? We have over 300,000 training products and courses available to organisations worldwide, which include PRINCE2, ITIL, CIMA, Sage and a range of business and management courses.

Be ready for Windows 8! Our training courses will arrive soon.
It's not all about Windows 8; Microsoft Office 2013 is also here.
IT pros can look forward to our Windows Server 2012 training courses.

Microsoft Excel Training

Find out how our suite of Microsoft Excel training courses can offer your organisation the complete package to suit your needs. Courses are available for all users and versions including Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Windows Training

Find out how your employees could benefit from our range of Windows training courses online, aimed at all types of users, from beginners who want to get a basic understanding, to IT pros looking for support with their exams.

Packt Training 365

Our Packt 365 subscriptions offer your organisation a unique solution to training programmes, giving you the flexibility and control to develop personalised training plans for your employees.

...a highly organised team providing a great quality of training and service... Nothing to much to ask...
An overall very professional company who have aided in our staff development... no obstacle has been too tall or request not granted.
C.B.Learning have offered us a cost and time effective solution.
...[C.B.Learning provide] a cost effective and much more personalised way of offering e-learning.

A Complete Training Solution

We offer over 350,000 training materials, including courses, books, Ebooks and E-learning. Whatever your training needs, we will have a solution that’s right for you.

It's About You

C.B.Learning is an industry-leading training organisation that ensures that your brand message is always a part of your personalised training solution; making training practical, effective and relevant.

Windows Server Training Courses

Learn to power the latest generation of networks, applications & web services with Windows Server training courses.

Start your Windows Server training today >

Microsoft Excel Training Courses

Gain the core Excel skills required for many office jobs, by undertaking a Microsoft Excel training course today.

Start your Microsoft Excel training today >

Online CIMA Training Courses

Are your employees preparing for their exams? Let them study to pass using our official online CIMA training courses.

Online PRINCE2 Training Courses

Prepare your staff for their exams and help them to apply the PRINCE2 method with our fully accredited online courses.

Online ITIL Training Courses

Prepare your staff for their ITIL exam with our fully accredited online courses for ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert.

Online Sage Training Courses.png

Help your staff master Sage software with our official online courses; covering Bookkeeping, Instant Accounts & 50 Accounts.

Windows 8 Training Courses

Windows 8 has arrived... Make sure you’re ready with our online training courses for Windows 8.

Windows 7 Training Courses

Master Windows 7 with our online Windows 7 training courses.

Start your Windows 7 training today >

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