Programming And Problem Solving With C++ 5th Edition Brief

Dale, N
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Dale, N
Skill Level:
Programmer - Int/Adv
Paperback (697 pages)

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Based off the highly successful Programming and Problem Solving with C++ which Dale is famous for, comes the new Brief Edition, perfect for the one-term course. The text was motivated by the need for a text that covered only what instructors and students are able to move through in a single semester without sacrificing the breadth and detail necessary for the introductory programmer. The authors excite and engage students in the learning process with their accessible writing style, rich pedagogy, and relevant examples.

This Brief Edition introduces the new Software Maintenance Case Studies element that teaches students how to read code in order to debug, alter, or enhance existing class or code segments.

Programming and Problem Solving with C++: Brief Edition follows the first 11 chapter of the new Fifth Edition of Programming and Problem Solving with C++, publishing May 2009.
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