Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Unleashed

Rankins, Ray; Bertucci, Paul; Gallelli, Chris; Silverstein, Alex T.
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Rankins, Ray; Bertucci, Paul; Gallelli, Chris; Silverstein, Alex T.
SAMS (10/2010)
Skill Level:
Programmer - Int/Adv
Paperback / CD-ROM (2451 pages)

Product Description

Thoroughly updated to reflect Microsoft SQL Server 2008's newest features and best practices, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Unleashed is the latest edition of the most comprehensive, best-selling independent reference to Microsoft SQL Server. This book presents comprehensive, real-world guidance for professionals who work with SQL Server, from DBAs to developers, consultants to users. The Authors present detailed, realistic coverage of all aspects of SQL Server, including Installation and upgrades; Management and administration; Data protection and security, including new Transparent Data Encryption and advanced auditing; Creating and managing tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, and user-defined functions; Performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization, including new Performance System Analysis tools; Transactions, transaction management, and distributed transactions; High availability, clustering, and replication; The newest versions of SQL Server Management Studio and other tools and utilities; and Improvements to reporting, including visualization and improved Microsoft Office integration.


  • Comprehensive, independent, and practical coverage for everyone who works with SQL Server 2008: DBAs, developers, architects, users, consultants, and more
  • Covers all of SQL Server 2008's most important improvements, in areas ranging from analysis to security to performance Designed to help experienced professionals build on their current knowledge as they move to SQL Server 2008

Table of Contents

Part I: Welcome to Microsoft SQL Server                               

            1          SQL Server 2008 Overview    

            2          What's New in SQL Server 2008        

            3          Examples of SQL Server Implementations        

Part II: SQL Server Tools and Utilities             

            4          SQL Server Management Studio

            5          SQL Server Command-Line Utilities    

            6          SQL Server Profiler     

Part III: SQL Server Administration     

            7          SQL Server System and Database Administration        

            8          Installing SQL Server 2008      

            9          Upgrading to SQL Server 2008           

            10        Client Installation and Configuration

            11        Security and User Administration

            12        Data Security

            13        Security and Compliance

            14        Database Backup and Restore 

            15        Database Mail 

            16        SQL Server Scheduling and Notification          

            17        Automating SQL Server Tasks using PowerShell          

            18        SQL Server High Availability   

            19        Replication      

            20        Database Mirroring      

            21        SQL Server Clustering                         

Part IV: Database Administration                                 

            22        Creating and Managing Databases                   

            23        Creating and Managing Tables                         

            24        Creating and Managing Indexes           

            25        Implementing Data Integrity      

            26        Creating and Managing Views in SQL Server   

            27        Creating and Managing Stored Procedures       

            28        Creating and Managing User-Defined Functions           

            29        Creating and Managing Triggers

            30        Transaction Management and the Transaction Log        

            31        Database Snapshots    

            32        Database Maintenance 

Part V: SQL Server Performance and Optimization                              

            33        Data Structures,Indexes and Performance        

            34        Understanding Query Optimization       

            35        Query Analysis

            36        Locking and Performance        

            37        Database Design and Performance       

            38        Monitoring SQL Server Performance   

            39        A Performance and Tuning Methodology         

            40        What's New for Transact-SQL in SQL Server 2008    

            41        Creating .Net CLR Objects in SQL Server 2008         

            42        Using XML in SQL Server 2008         

Part VII: SQL Server Business Intelligence Features                             

            43        SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services    

            44        SQL Server Integration Services          

            45        SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services  

Part VIII: Bonus Chapters on the CD                           

            46        Managing Linked and Remote Servers 

            47        Configuring, Tuning, and Optimizing SQL Server Options         

            48        Administering Very Large SQL Server Databases        

            49        SQL Server Disaster Recovery Planning          

            50        Transact-SQL Programming Guidelines, Tips, and Tricks         

            51        SQL Server and the .NET Framework

            52        SQL Server Web Services      

            53        SQL Server Service Broker                 

            54        SQL Server Full-Text Search  

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